Six Pack Special 2019 Heysen Gold Frontignac

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This old favourite is back, back again!


This little sweetie has captured the hearts of many.


We never realised how much love this little beauty was receiving from our amazing customers, so we have decided to do a throw back label to celebrate and produce one last vintage!


The Heysen Trail-one of the world’s longest walking trails, winds through the Lyndoch Hills beyond our vineyards.


The trail in named in honour of Hans Heysen, one of Australia’s finest artists.


Our 2019 Heysen Gold is a delightfully sweet wine made from White Frontignac Grapes.


Harvested late in the ripening cycle has increased the intensity of Natural sweetness. With deep passionfruit and fresh lychee on the nose and sweet pear and green apple on the palate, this is a wine that leaves you wanting more.


The Heysen Gold will marry beautifully with fresh fruit, desserts and balances perfectly with strong matured cheese.


Recommended to chill well.

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