The story behind the Sparkling Tina

The story behind the Sparkling Tina

The Story Behind The Sparkling Tina

Many of you may know Tina Kies our official boss lady (is there nothing she cannot do?) 🤣. So in light of this weekend’s celebrations I thought I might tell the unconventional story of the Sparkling Tina. 🤣🤦

We were coming up to her 30 year work anniversary at Kies Family Wines and I thought that was pretty incredible. All the blokes have got wines dedicated to them so we thought let’s make one for Mum. 💪

Now, if you ask me why we chose to name the fruity, sparkly white wine after Tina, I could not really tell you. 🥂

So the wine was released, the media came and there were news stories published about this momentous anniversary. I think we even ran an event. 💃

Everything was great, it was a beautiful launch for a wine and a fitting tribute… Or so I thought. 🤣

Tina was a bit quiet for a while after and when I eventually asked her what was wrong, she said “I’m neither sweet nor sparkling and I would have preferred a Cabernet Sauvignon named after me!” 🤣🤣🫣🫣🍷🍷😂😂😂😂

It was an immediate hit with our customers and since then, the Sparking Tina has become our third most popular wine. There was no going back! 🤣🤣

Who knows one day we might just deliver on a flagship Cabernet Sauvignon for our special boss lady and Mum, Tina Kies! Why can’t she have two wines? If you ask me she has earnt it! 🤣🤣🤣

This weekend let’s cheers to the sparkly sweet women in our lives, as well as the bold and complex! Happy Mother’s Day weekend everyone! 🌹🍷🥂

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